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Top Chinese New Year Snacks that you must buy!

Chinese New Year (CNY) will never be the same without CNY snacks. Snacking and CNY go hand in hand. We heard you all the foodie out there, craving to savor your favorite CNY snack. As such, KojoMart shell share with you our top recommended CNY snacks you must not miss out on for your CNY celebration.


Do you know that kojomart sells Mala Fish Skin? The Mala craze has been in Singapore for quite a bit, and fortunately (or unfortunately), it’s here to stay. What makes a good mala? It has to be well seasoned, backed with a spicy kick, and punctuated with the fragrance of peppercorns, deep-fried with fish skin. Mala Fish Skin, a must-try snack not to be miss! 

GoldMama approved! 


You might think that oreo and peanut do not go well together. You are absolutely wrong! The scrumptious creamy and melty oreo makes every taste bud tingle with excitement as it melts in your mouth. The mixture of think and smooth peanut with the crunchy oreo is a must-try CNY snack! 

GoldMama approved! 


To all Salted Egg Lovers, Introducing our Latest Salted egg potato chips. Salted duck egg yolks are a rich orange, and, when cooked well, have a balance of creaminess, oiliness, and an unmistakable grainy texture that fans crave. In addition to salted egg potato chips, we have SALTED EGG FISH SKIN! 

GoldMama approved! 


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