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Gold Mama 金妈妈 Bundle 3 [CNY 2021]

Calling out to all Salted Egg and Mala lovers! Bundle 3 consists of Salted Egg Fish Skin, Salted Egg Potato Chips and Mala Fish Skin.


Salted Egg Fish Skin (咸蛋金香鱼皮)

Each crisp fish skin comes coated in a thick layer of delicious salted egg yolk. The richness of the salted-egg yolks builds steadily in perfect harmony with the subtle, crisp smokiness of lightly fish skin.


Salted Egg Potato Chips (咸蛋金香薯片)

Thinly sliced potatoes are fried to a golden crisp. Our salted egg potato chips are coated heavily in salted egg seasoning and sauce, which are naturally crunchy. The salted and sweet creation adds a pleasant and savory note to your taste bud. 


Mala Fish Skin (麻辣金香鱼皮)

Extremely bold in favor and seasoning with an all-time favorite flavor of Sichuan hot and spicy mala evenly coated on crunchy fish skin. Our mala fish skin is handmade, quality-crafted, and most values for money fish skin snacks catered specifically for you.

  • No Preservatives
  • No Added Flavouring & MSG
  • Every Single Cookie Homemade


  100% Handmade

 10/10 Taste

 No Preservatives

 Free Delivery Above S$ 60.00

Festive cookies from Kojo Mart to make every occasion special

Festivals are a time when loved ones come together, exchange gifts and have a great time over good food and make warm memories. And with festive cookies, the joy will simply multiply. With so much variety available these days, you can gift exotic cookies to your friends and family, without breaking the bank. Kojo Mart now offers 37 amazing choices in festive cookies from our Gold Mama brand. These come in exciting flavors and since they are festive sweets, the packaging is visually appealing too. Packaged in vibrant colored tins, these CNY goodies look attractive and yummy. You can also serve them with fragrant tea or rich coffee when guests come over.

Often known as holiday cookies as they are associated with festivals, these cookies are available in many different flavors, whether you like something subtle or rich. If you like fruity flavors, try out the pineapple cookies. They taste of real pineapple and are truly exotic. Even the fruit and nut flavored ones are delicious. If you like tangy flavor, then try out the orange and chocolate flavored ones. The fine blend of the two flavors will leave you wanting for more. If chocolate is what you love, you will be again spoilt for choice. Here, you can find a dozen different chocolate flavored cookies, each better than the other. Our Bestsellers includes CNY cookies like prawn roll, pineapple roll, salted egg potato chips and kuih kapit. Try the salted egg dragon king or the german butter cookies too, for something unique.

Thanks to technology and the boom in online shopping, consumers are fast resorting to the comfort of shopping from home. So, log on to kojo mart website. You can buy the best holiday cookies from here. We ensure that the orders are delivered anywhere on the island, between 10am and 8 pm, on any day of the week. We also offer the lowest prices and match them with our competitors. Enjoy a 10% discount on all orders with minimum spend $20 and get pampered with free doorstep delivery on orders valued above SGD 60.

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